Marion Military Institute

Campaign Goals

The MMI Capital Campaign, Brilliance in the Basics, kicked off in 2011 with the following goals, poised to modernize "The Military College of Alabama."

Strategic Goals

MMI will continually transform itself through initiatives that will create comprehensive excellence, innovative leadership and strategic alliances. Strategic goals tied to the Capital Campaign focus on enhancing and expanding Academic Programs, Leadership Opportunities, Quality of Cadet Life, Infrastructure and Resources.  

Working Goal - $6.575 Million 

Having surpassed our working fundraising goal, MMI has been able to fund projects in the following areas, Facilities Renovations, Academic and Instructional Support, Technology Support, Institutional Marketing, and Master Planning. 

Vision Goal - $12.8 Million

MMI intends to fund the following projects while working toward our vision goal of $12,800,000:  Leadership Center, Learning Center, Academic Support, Cadet Life and Physical Fitness Facilities, General Infrastructure, and Staff Housing.