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White Knights Campaign

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Camaraderie. Fidelity. Perfection.

Fifteen blue-clad military men and women march to the center of the room. At the bark of their leader, the group begins to slowly move from formation to formation with stark synchronization. Only taps of the guns, the marching of their feet, and short cheers of delight interrupt their quiet, 15-minute performance. Their synchronization comes from long hours of practice. The physical training is to prepare the students for spinning and throwing around a nine-pound World War I model M1903 rifle. The team practices two hours a day, four days a week, and some mornings in preparing for about 15 performances a year.

They are the White Knights Precision Drill Team of Marion Military Institute, a team established in 1950 to promote precision drill, discipline, and to develop a union of brotherhood and trust among its members. Members say that the strenuous training is well worth it as it brings them together and results in fraternity-like friendships. The White Knights are known as one of the premier drill units in the nation. Their history is rich, their future is bright, and their camaraderie is forever.

The role of the White Knights is two-fold. First, it provides participants a powerful education in leadership, character development, and self-discipline, things that are part of what makes an MMI education itself so unique. Second, the White Knights serve as important ambassadors for our historic school because wherever they perform, whatever event in which they participate, they are the face of MMI at is finest. 

In order to ensure the sustainability of the White Knights, a White Knights Endowment Fund has been created with a target goal of $250,000.  This fund is crucial for expanding support for their day-to-day needs and to enable substanially more participation in events and activities of greater visibility and scope. Please consider supporting today's White Knights, outstanding young men and women who continue to carry on the tradition of the White Knights and the legacy of Camaraderie, fidelity, and perfection.



Knight                Up to $250       
Member   $250 - $999
Cadence                                 $1,000 - $2,499
Shield   $2,500 - $4,999
Squad Leader   $5,000 - $9,999
Commander   $10,000 +                                                                              

For more information about the White Knights campaign, contact Suzanne McKee, MMI Director of Development (334-683-2347,