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The Morgan's Raiders

of Marion Military Institute


During the 1948-49 school year, ten cadet leaders attending Marion Military Institute formed an honor military society named the Morgan's Raiders. Originally, these ten cadets sought to establish an MMI chapter of Scabbard and Blade but were told the school did not qualify because it was only a two-year college. Not to be defeated, they went on to establish what would become MMI's top leadership organization over the next 46 years. Their choice of the name "Morgan's Raiders" was influenced by the flair of General John Hunt Morgan, an Alabama native, who was best known for his daring raids into Union territory during the Civil War.  
During its existence, more than 720 cadets were inducted into the Morgan's Raiders. Although disbanded in 1994, the group's alumni have remained committed to the long-term stewardship of Marion Military Institute.
The John Hunt Morgan Leadership Endowment was established to permanently recognize the Morgan's Raiders' "Legacy of Leadership." It is being given by all members in honor of the values learned, the frienships gained, and in sincere appreciation for the MMI/Morgan's Raider experience.
Brigadier General
John Hunt Morgan


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