Marion Military Institute


John Hunt Morgan Leadership Endowment


The John Hunt Morgan Leadership Endowment has two distinct purposes:

     1.  Providing for the John Hunt Morgan Leadership Award
     2.  Generating scholarships for Marion Military Institute

Structurally, the JHMLE operates as a sub-endowment within the greater MMI endowment program. As such, it enjoys all the tax benefits and donation opportunities associated with MMI's non-profit 501(c)(3) status without incurring the additional management costs typically associated with an equivalent stand-alone endowment.

All gifts and contributions to this endowment shall constitute an endowed corpus, which will be held, invested, maintained and administered by MMI in perpetuity according to its policies and procedures adopted from time to time for endowed funds.

Its establishment is intended to honor 60 years of service to Marion Military Institute by the Morgan's Raiders both as student leaders and as alumni.

To donate: use the online form and mark John Hunt Morgan Leadership Endowed Scholarship.


John Hunt Morgan Leadership Endowment
c/o Suzanne McKee
101 Washington Street
Marion, AL 36756