Marion Military Institute

JHM Leadership Award

This award seeks to recognize one cadet attending MMI for his or her outstanding leadership, their demonstrated committment to their fellow students and their embodiment of the principles of Truth, Honor and Service.

Winners of this award will receive the John Hunt Morgan Leadership Medal and the honor of wearing the traditional Morgan's Raider Ribbon. To be considered for this award, cadets must have first attained the following prior to the beginning of the selection process, which typically begins soon after completion of the first academic semester:

  • Minimum college rank of SFC 
  • Two complete semesters at MMI
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • A letter on a sports team or membership in an organization such as Swamp Fox or White Knights
  • One faculty nomination

*This award may not be received by an individual more than one time.

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2014 JHMLA Winner

Maggie Salmons of Mobile, AL


David Choe of La Canada, California











2013 Jeriel Brown of Minter, AL






William Ellis of Rainbow, City, Ala.
2011 Jeremy Brann 
Hannah Blalock (HS) & Grant Shook (JC)
John Miller (JC) & Ben Lee (HS)
Adam Nicholas (HS) & Jessica Horne (JC)
Noah Robinson (JC) & Tabitha Roberts (HS)