Marion Military Institute

Believe in the Basics

Do You Believe? 

in a place where young men and women develop a strong foundation for success… a place where higher education and leadership education are woven together as one experience?

Do you believe in the vision?

of a place where young men and women share in the dream of a bright future… a place defined by a common desire to be challenged by high standards of excellence?

Do you believe in the growth?

of a place where the educational model is so powerful that it must remain relevant…so important that it must shape en ever-increasing number of young men and women to lead this country?

Do you believe the challenge can be met?

MMI has embarked on a five-year capital campaign, Brilliance in the Basics to Achieve the Bold. Modernization is the aim, focused on academics, technology, leadership development, military training and campus facilities.

We are proud to announce that our Campaign working goal of $6,575,000 has been met! Help us continue the momentum to achieve the vision goal of $12,800,000 to ensure that MMI boldly marches forward, shaping future generations of cadets.

Give Now!

For more information on gifts or pledges to the MMI Capital Campaign, contact Suzanne McKee, Vice-President for Institutional Advancement, at 334-683-2347 or