Marion Military Institute

Campaign Leadership

MMI Capital Campaign Leadership


Executive Planning Committee

“Marion Military Institute has preserved a proud tradition of developing military and civilian leaders of character for more than a century. MMI is 'The Military College of Alabama' with the potential to grow to another level. Such growth would be bold but cannot be contemplated without dramatic and fundamental improvements. MMI will continue to retain the spirit, character and tradition of a classic 19th century southern military college, but will operate as a 21st century institution of higher learning. Modernization must cut across every domain to enable future growth in a 21st century world. It must be focused on campus facilities and support infrastructure as well as academic and administrative support technology. Modernization is the vehicle that will drive MMI’s success by reaffirming the Institute’s credibility as a professional institution of higher learning whose high standards of operation reflect its strong military character.

-Col. David J. Mollahan, USMC (Ret), President

Mr. James W. Rane, Chair
Mr. Joel R. Hillhouse, EPC Chair, Capital Campaign Vice-Chair
Mr. H. Dean Mooty, Chair of the MMI Board of Trustees and Advisors
Mr. John L. Hunter, Chair of the Prospect Verification/Cultivation Committee
Mr. David B. Tipmore, Chair of the Faculty/Staff Committee

The Jerry F. Smith Group Staff:
Mr. Jerry F. Smith, President
Mrs. Sissy Spence, Senior Vice President
Ms. Laura Cobb, Assistant Vice President

MMI Staff:
Col. David Mollahan, President
Mrs. Suzanne McKee, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Mrs. O'Neal Holmes, Director of Alumni & Community Affairs