Marion Military Institute

Why SAP?

  • Maximize your competitiveness for a U.S. Service Academy Appointment. *MMI has averaged 82 appointments in the last three years.

  • National reputation as one of the top Academy prep programs: more than 206 admirals and generals began their training at MMI; more than 275 former MMI cadets are attending the Service Academies

  • World–class instructors, highly-motivated, dedicated, excellent coursework, extra instruction and personal insight into Academy life

  • Curriculum is guided by each Academy’s particular need—ensures you will be prepared for your first year of rigorous academic, physical fitness, moral-ethical issues and leadership challenges

  • Small classes—college credit, validate some first year classes at the Service Academies

  • SAT/ACT Preparation

  • Intense physical fitness led by active duty officers

  • Maximize your leadership and military skills

  • Visits by Service Academy Representatives

  • Scholarships