Marion Military Institute

Scholarship Processing

To apply to the Early Commissioning Program (ECP), please contact:

Mrs. Quiana Turner
Direct Line: (334) 683-2310
Toll Free: (800) 664-7682

*Required documents will be drawn from MMI admissions packet by Mrs. Qiana Turner upon your request for admittance in the Early Commissioning Program (ECP).

As applications are received, Marion Military Institute will review applications to determine if you are eligible for participation in the program.  If you have previous training (JROTC, prior service, etc.), which would qualify you for the ROTC Advanced Course in the fall, the PMS will schedule you for a scholarship selection board.  If you require attendance at LTC to qualify for this scholarship, the MJC will provide you with details.  You will be required to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) before fully qualifying for the scholarship and payment of benefits.

Selection of scholarship winners is based upon a subjective evaluation of all facets of your records--including scholastic potential and achievement, participation in extracurricular and athletic activities, demonstrated leadership, apparent interest in an Army commission, personal character, and results of a Selection Review Board conducted by the PMS.  If you attend LTC, your performance there will also be considered. No single factor is sufficient to ensure selection for a scholarship.

The PMS will inform you of your final selection status.