Marion Military Institute

SAP Testimonials

Testimonials from SAP Program Graduates

Marion provided me with many leadership opportunities and an extra chance to broaden my academic background. And I will forever owe a great debt of gratitude to the staff and faculty for the success I've achieved.

Lorenzo Santos, U.S. Naval Academy 

Dr. Stevenson Sir, I would like to thank you for your exceptional teaching abilities. Your class has made my life here at the Coast Guard Academy much easier. I now breeze through the chemistry homework that takes my classmates hours to complete.

Christopher Martinez, U.S. Coast Guard Academy

I think MMI puts a new prospective on things, definitely helped me as a leader and put me a step ahead of the direct entries.  

Mark Olme, U.S. Air Force Academy

Please reinforce your message of working hard at Marion on all the small details regarding military life (especially shining shoes, brass, and bed making) to all the AOGs for this year... because it makes Basic training and life here at the Academy so much easier.

Ben Myhren, U.S. Military Academy

Mrs. Thornton, Thanks in most part to your English instruction, I was one of just 70 out of 1,292 cadets to place out of Composition and move directly into a literature class. Thanks to American Literature, I will probably be ahead of the curve on most of this material as well. 

Lee Summerlin, U.S. Military Academy