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Service Academy Program (SAP)

LTC Thomas Bowen, USA (Ret), Program Director 334-683-2316,

Marion's SAP program is guided by each academy's particular need.  The personalization of the curriculum ensures you will be prepared for your rigorous academic, physical fitness, moral-ethical issues, and leadership challenges that await you at the academy.

All cadets enrolled in the SAP program are assigned a core curriculum much like those taught at the academies. In addition, special classes in English, mathematics, vocabulary development, testing orientation, and reading are designed to improve your test scores. An extensive physical conditioning course improves physical aptitude scores. The instructors who are also SAP faculty advisors teach these classes, understand the high standards required by all of the service academies, provide individual and extra instruction in order to ensure academic success. Additionally, representatives from the Service Academies visit candidates offering guidance and insight into academy life.   

The effectiveness of MMI's SAP program is evidenced in the number of former cadets at the service academies who graduate and receive their commission and the number of new cadets enrolled at MMI in pursuit of one of the U.S. Academies. Generally between 250- 275 former MMI cadets will be in attendance at the academies and about 90% will graduate. View MMI's recent appointment history.

Former MMI Cadets attending West Point

If you are considering one of the U.S. Military Academies and want to prepare at the oldest, most prestigious, and highly honored Service Academy Program in the world, consider Marion Military Institute. 


All SAP candidates must be morally, physically, medically, and academically sound. All candidates must, as a minimum, meet all ROTC standards; Candidate must take either the SAT or ACT and achieve standards below:

  • ACT score of 24 or above, or  
  • SAT score of 1160 or more with both a math and a critical reading scores above 580
  • At least a 2.5 high school GPA.

It is very desirable that candidates show participation in high school sports, other high school activities, and indicate their willingness and ability to participate in the MMI program. The only exceptions will be those candidates sponsored by a specific service academy.

For more information on MMI's SAP program or one of the five U.S. Service Academies mentioned above, please click on the appropriate link(s) below:

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