Marion Military Institute

Leadership Education Program (LEP)














The Leadership Education Program (LEP) at MMI was designed specifically for those students who wish to enroll at MMI without incurring a military service obligation. These cadets realize that military training offers them something extra. This added bonus is an opportunity to live a disciplined lifestyle while gaining practical experience in leadership and organizational management. LEP cadets at MMI enjoy a "best of both worlds" atmosphere. Cadets learn within the framework of a military academy environment while preparing for civilian careers.

LEP cadets benefit significantly from the challenging academic program and mentorship which have become the hallmark of Marion Military Institute.  The LEP is an excellent program for students who desire a structured environment that encourages self-discipline.  Many scholarship athletes enter this program. 

  • No military obligation

  • Associate's Degree earned in a military environment

  •  Minimum requirements: 16 ACT or 860 SAT (math and verbal) & 2.0 GPA