Marion Military Institute


Flight Training Program

Among the rigorous academic and military training programs, MMI has also introduced an extracurricular flight training program with our partner in aviation, Selma Air. Whether you are in the Service Academy Prep, Early Commissioning or Leadership Education program, you have the opportunity to learn to fly through a combination of classroom ground school, computer-based, online study materials and in-flight training. This program is designed to preclude U.S. Air Force and Navy Initial Flight Screening (IFS) requirements by achievement of a private pilot's certificate and will significantly enhance your candidacy for selection to military aviation training.

Through the MMI-sponsored flight program, you can successfully complete the written FAA knowledge exam for private pilot along with your first solo flight or even complete your private pilot's license. If you already have made progress toward your VFR pilot's certificate, you may complete your training or even advance to instrument or multi-engine training while you are here at MMI. 

Fees for the flight instruction are in addition to the regular college tuition fees and will be approximately $6,000, depending on individual performance. FAA computer-based Airmen Knowledge Test fees, FAA medical exam fees and FAA flight examiner fees are not included in the flight course fees and will be an additional charge of approximately $600. The core curriculum involves 32 hours of classroom ground school instruction, approximately 15 hours in-flight training leading to your first solo flight, and approximately 25-30 hours of advanced training leading to your private pilot's certificate.

If you are interested in the program please email COL Hansen at COL Hansen is the Director of the Flight Training Program. An appropriate FAA physical exam is required before enrolling in any flight course, but this examination can be completed at MMI before the start of the program.

CLICK HERE for a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the program.