Marion Military Institute

Enrolling and Contracting

Whether you’re in high school, college, or already enlisted in the Army, you can start your journey to becoming an Officer right now. Follow the steps outlined below to Enroll in the ARMY ROTC program at the University of Central Oklahoma and Join the Broncho Battalion. Remember that you can take Army ROTC Basic Courses without a military commitment, yet still reap the benefits of becoming a cadet.

To Enroll in ROTC:

1)  You must be a full-time student, which is typically 12 or more hours each semester and progressing towards an accredited degree.  You must apply for admission and acceptance to Marion Military Institute. 

2)  You must be academically aligned. We count from graduation day and work backwards. In other words, a Freshman or MSIII would have 4 semesters remaining until graduation and a Sophomore would have 2 semesters remaining until to graduation.

3)  You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) for non-scholarship enrollment and above a 2.5 GPA for scholarship eligibility.

4)  To be eligible for a scholarship you must have a minimum of 920 on the SAT or 19 on the ACT.

5)  You must be of good moral character, someone who has not been convicted of domestic violence or similar proceedings.

6)  Your must have no civil convictions, adverse adjudication, court martial conviction, or other than minor traffic violations resulting in a fine of $250 or more.

7)  You must be a U.S. citizen with a U.S. birth certificate or other documents establishing citizenship. (non-U.S. Citizens can enroll in the Basic Courses (MSI or MSII) but cannot commission through our program until they become a U.S. citizen.)

8)  To be medically qualified you must pass a Department of Defense Medical Evaluation Review Board (DODMERB) physical.

9)  You must not be a conscientious objector, who is someone who cannot or will not use a firearm to defend his or her self or country.

10)  You are eligible if you do not have any tattoos that are specifically prohibited by Army policy such as a tattoo/brand on the face, neck, or head or other tattoos/brands that are visible and that detract from a soldierly appearance and are prejudicial or detract from good order and discipline.

11)  Age must be at least 17 to contract and less than 34 at the time of commissioning.

Marion Military Institute is the Bold Tiger Battalion host school, however, you can still enroll in the program if you attend one of our partner schools.  Visit the page on what partner schools participate with the Marion Military Institute Army ROTC program: Judson College at or Concordia College at

Enrolling in ROTC incurs no obligation to the US Army. Students may enroll in the program to explore the military profession before deciding to commit to it.  See the Curriculum page for Course numbers.

To Contract in ROTC:

1.  Army ROTC is a college elective in which the Department of Military Science provides a program of instruction and training for college men and women leading to a commission as an officer (Second Lieutenant) in the Active Army, Army Reserves, or National Guard after graduation from college. Students may pursue a degree in any concentration while taking Army ROTC courses.

2.  The Army ROTC Early Commissioning Program (ECP) is a 2-year program. Any Cadet wanting to particiapte in the program must first have a placement credit validation prior to enrolling in Army ROTC MSII courses. There are several ways of validating placement credit. These are: (1) Completing the six week Leader's Training Course at Ft. Knox, Kentucky or; (2) be a veteran (any military service) or member of the US Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard; or (3) Have 3+ years of JROTC experience (with PMS approval).

3.  All Cadets must pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), Pass the DODMERB physical, have an approved Academic Plan (104-R) signed by guidance counselor, and meet Army Height/Weight (AR 600-9) standards before they will be eligible to contract.

Please contact the Recruiting Operations Officer, Mr. Gary Kramer at (334) 302-1409 or via email at or Mrs. Qiana Turner at 334-683-2310 or if you have specific questions.