Marion Military Institute


MMI Cadet Training/Recreation/Discipline

 This page contains training information published by the Commandant's Office staff.  Be sure to view this page frequently as it is updated regularly.


The daily schedule illustrates a timeline of regularly occuring events contributing to the mental and physical development of every cadet.  This outlines the typical Monday through Friday "routine" at MMI.   





Office: (334) 683-2378 Fax: (334) 683-2381

0700-0745 Morning Sick Call

0700-1000 and 1500-1545 Nurse will be in the CHC

Unless it is an emergency, nurse will only see cadets during the above hours.


07:30 to 11:30 and 12:30 to 16:30 Monday through Friday

Uniform Dept

07:30 to 1630 Monday through Friday

QM - ("Student Center")

0730 to 1900 Monday through Thursday
0730 to 0100 Friday
1200 to 0100 Saturday
1200 to 1900 Sunday


Transportation Officer: Emil Reeves
Office: (334) 683-2325      Cell (334) 202-6698    E-mail

MMI provides shuttle service to and from the local transportation hubs; airports, bus, and train stations, and medical facilities in Birmingham, and Selma for a fee. Cadets will be charge $25.00 to ride the shuttle bus during school holiday breaks. The shuttle bus will depart from the MMI Guardhouse at 1230 hours on the day of departure.

The basic fee to Birmingham is $75.00 per trip. If two cadets share a ride the charge is $37.50 per cadet and if three or more cadets share a ride the charge is $25.00 per cadet. The basic fee to Tuscaloosa is $65.00 and Selma is $45.00. Fees are to be paid in advance except in cases of emergencies. Medical appointments must be coordinated through the CHC. Cadets requiring transportation assistance must report to the Transportation Office with a copy of their itinerary two weeks prior to departure date. Exceptions will be made for bona fide emergencies.