Marion Military Institute

MMI Cadet Health Center

CONTACT: Rene’ Sumlin, Registered Nurse 
Director of Health Services
Use the MAGNUS HEALTH portal to log in and submit your required medical forms

Reminder from CHC Director Rene' Sumlin, RN

  • NEW STUDENTS must have a current TB skin test completed  less than 60 days prior  registration day,
  • The Health Center is only accepting physicals on the MMI forms; they must be done no earlier than dates indicated on physical forms.

Medical Treatment and Transportation

Any cadet experiencing symptoms of illness and/or injury should report to the Cadet Health Center staff.  Sick Call hours are weekdays at 0700.  After hours medical emergencies should call the Campus Safety and Security emergency cellular number: 334- 292-9690 and Cadet Health Center staff and medical first responders will be contacted immediately.  After evaluation, appropriate transportation to and from a medical treatment facility may be necessary due to the situation and urgency.  Costs associated with proper treatment and transportation to appropriate facilities in the best interests of the health and safety of cadets are listed here: Transportation Charges.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

The faculty and administration of MMI are firmly committed to the safety and health of students and staff. The influence of alcohol and other drugs in the workplace are detrimental to the Institute’s ability to provide a healthy learning environment. Therefore, the distribution, sale, purchase, use, possession, or reporting to class or work under the influence of intoxicants, non-prescribed narcotics, hallucinogenic drugs, marijuana, or any other illegal or controlled substance while on school property is strictly prohibited and illegal. Furthermore, the administration hereby notifies all employees, students, outside contractors, or any other persons on school property of its intention to enforce this policy through testing and/or search. If a party exhibits behavior that would cause the faculty or administration to believe or witness distribution or use of an illegal substance or alcohol, appropriate action will be taken.  Prior to and/or during registration, all prospective cadets must sign an agreement of compliance with the Institute's Drug, Alcohol, and Substance Abuse Screening Participation Form. Refusal to participate will result in termination of enrollment with refunds to those identified in current policy. In the event of a positive result, a dismissal recommendation will be prepared and parents may be notified. Marion Military Institute will not delay the processing of a dismissal recommendation. 

Individual testing may be required of any cadet whenever circumstances indicate possible use of illegal substances.  Appropriate school authorities may direct screening of an individual who has been identified by changes in personality, modification in behavior, erratic classroom performance and attendance, or other means to have problems related to drug abuse.  The procedures, cost, and consequences will be the same as random testing.  Repeated abuse of alcohol may result in dismissal.

Cadets dismissed under provisions of this program can apply for re-instatement in a subsequent semester, once they have completed a re-habilitation program and provide proof thereof. Cadets will not be re-admitted during the same semester of dismissal.

Any employee of MMI that is injured at work or in the course of employment will be tested for drugs and alcohol and if impaired, may not be paid benefits under the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Law if the injury is a result of an accident caused by drug or alcohol impairment. An employee who refuses to submit to, or cooperate with, a blood or urine test after an accident forfeits his/her right to Workers’ Compensation benefits under Alabama Code 25-5-51 and is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.