Marion Military Institute

Cadet Email Login

MMI Cadet E-mail

Use this link to access your cadet email account:

All registered students at Marion Military Institute, will have an assigned GMail email address. This address will be used to communicate with your instructors, receive alerts, and receive notifications concerning MMI registrations and events.

Your account name or email address prefix will be composed of the first letter of your first name, your last name, and the first four digits of you Date of Birth and is to the left of Example:

Name: John Smith, DOB: 10/28/89
Email address:

Your initial password will be mmi + your student identification number (ex. mmi010101).  

To access your MMI cadet email for the first time, open your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and type into the address line. In the field labeled "Email", enter your full email address. In the password field below, enter mmi+ your student number. Then click on the "Sign In" button. GMail will require you to complete the registration process by changing your password, entering a string of CAPTCHA text, and agreeing to their terms of service. The initial registration is a ONE TIME only event and subsequent logins will take you directly to your mail box.

Your account will automatically be created, but will not be activated until the day after you register. Please wait until clearing your registration fees to log in to your email account.

Your Marion Military Institute email address can be used for personal email; however your MMI email address MUST BE used for all official class correspondence with your instructor.

Electronic Mail (e-mail) Protocol

E-mail can be a highly effective method of communication; this protocol checklist provides you the tools!