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MMI Alumni Brigade membership dues are $25 per year or a one-time fee of $500 for a lifetime membership. Becoming an active Alumni Brigade member allows you to vote on officers annually and also helps build financial support for Brigade-funded projects. Click on the link below, where you can fill out a membership application and pay dues online. 



If you have already joined the Brigade in years past and need to pay your annual dues for active membership, click on the link below for the correct form.  



*Should you wish to pay Alumni Brigade dues with a personal check, click on either link above, fill out the form, but leave the credit card information blank. Then mail a check, made payable to "MMI Alumni Brigade," to MMI Alumni Brigade, P.O. Box 422, Marion, AL 36756. Your membership will become active upon receipt of the check.  



If you are unsure of your MMI Alumni Brigade membership status (i.e. if you are current on your yearly dues), please contact O'Neal Holmes in the Advancement Office. 334-683-2350.