Marion Military Institute

Alumni Currently Serving

So many MMI alumni are called to defend our great nation. Here, we recognize those former cadets who are currently serving as members of our U.S. Armed Forces. If you would like to add your name to this list or update your unit/station, please email or call the Alumni Office at 334-683-2350.           


If you are an MMI alumnus, or family member of one, who is currently deployed or preparing to deploy, please notify the MMI Alumni Office of the APO/FPO address and approximate dates of deployment. We will send you a package from Marion in gratitude for your service. Contact Brandon Taylor, Alumni Director, at 334-683-2350 or
 Robert F. Adams, Jr.                                                           1979  Army Reserve  HQDA  Pentagon
1LT Aaron L. Anderson 2004 Army National Guard 1-230th ACS Iraq
 Capt. Kristoffer E. Anderson  2002  Army  3rd Brigade 1st Cav  Ft. Hood, TX
A1C Robert P. Andrews 2008 Air Force 703 amxs Elmendorf AFB
 COL Sanford P. Artman  1982  Army    Ft. Belvoir, VA
 MAJ Dustin L. Awtrey   1990  Army Reserve - TPU  4th BDE, 75th DIV  Birmingham, AL
 CAPT Stewart D. Bailey 2000 USAREC 1st BDE, Syracuse BN Olean, NY
CAPT Asher Ballew 2005 Army 10th Mountain Division, 3rd Cherokee Troop Logar Province, Afghanistan
CDR Bob "Major" Barbee 1992 Navy U.S. Africa Command Stuttgart, Germany
MAJ Butch Beach 1995 AGR 226th MEB Mobile, AL
 1LT Ryan W. Bean  2006  Army National Guard  168th Eng Co  Fayette, AL
 CPT Robert D. Beckwith  1997  Army  4ID  Fort Hood, TX
 LTC Jonathan P. Beddall  1996  AGR, Army National Guard  HQDA  Arlington Hall
CAPT Samuel A. Berrey 2001 Florida National Guard 1-153 CAV Kuwait/Iraq
Peter J. Blair 1968 Disabled Veteran, Navy EOD Group 1 & 2  
Thomas S. Blair 1992 Veteran, Air Force Computer Systems Squadron Langley AFB
Major Nevin J. Blankenship 1995 Army National Guard 116th BCT Staunton, VA
 CPT Adam R. Bock  1999  Army  110th Aviation Brigade  Ft. Rucker, AL
 LTC Patrick S. Boland  1988  Army  Joint Forces Command, Brunssum (NATO)  Brunssum, NL
 MAJ Kevin G. Bolke  1995 Army  TRADOC Analysis Center  White Sands, NM
 CPT Jamarcus A. Brooks  2000 Army  82nd Airborne Div  Ft. Bragg, NC
 SSgt Craig Brown  2004  Air National Guard  187 SFS  Dannelly Field, AL
 Major Hank Brown  1989  Marine Corps  U.S. Naval Academy  Annapolis, MD
LTC Kyle C. Burley 1990 Army Center for Strategic Leadership Carlisle Barracks, PA
 Cpl Pablo M. Cardone  2000  Marine Corps Reserve  G 3/5 Marine Forces Reserve HQ  New Orleans, LA
MAJ Lewis D. Carpenter 1990 Army Army Reserve Command Ft. McPherson, GA
 LTC Howard R. Christie  1984  Army    Ft. Monroe, VA
SSG Michael P. Clancy II 1999 B 2/300   Iraq
 COL Michael N.E. Claybourne  1983  Army Reserve 108th Training Command  Charlotte, NC
 LTC David B. Clore  1984  Army  Accessions Support Brigade  Ft. Knox, KY
 Major Kevin Clouse  1988    Joint Forces HQ - J3 Domestic Operations  Columbus, OH
SFC Tad Colbert 1998 Active Reserve 902d MI Group Redstone Arsenal
MAJ Kerry Colburn 2000 Defense Logistics Agency CMDR, DLA Energy Alaska Elmendorf AFB, AK
 CPT Stephanie A. Condon  1996  Army Reserve  HQ USEUCOM  Germany
 LTC David E. Cooper  1989  Army National Guard  National Guard Bureau, NGB-AVS-A  
 CDR David A. Copp  1985  Navy  OCJCS, The Joint Staff  Pentagon
CPT Nathan G. Craig 2000 USAR 2nd Branch, 3d BCTG, 4th BDE, 75th DIV Birmingham, AL
 CPT Chad C. Dearborn  1996  AGR VTARNG  Army Mountain Warfare  Jericho, VT
COL Lee K. Durham  1992 AGR 48th IBCT Macon, GA
 1LT Joshua C. Edgington  2006  Army National Guard  B CO 2-153 IN  Al Asad, Iraq
COL Scott Efflandt 1985 Army 1st Bde, 1st Cav Div Ft. Hood, TX
WO1 Clifford R. Evans 1989 LA Army National Guard 415th MI BN Carville, LA
 COL Larry Faison  1980  Ready Reserve (USAR)  USACAPOC (A)  Ft. Bragg, NC
 COL Timothy W. Ferguson  1981  Army Reserve on COADOS  ECJ5-P, HQ  USEUCOM
James L. Fisher 1990 Army National Guard on COADOS Office of Defense Cooperation under the USEUCOM ECJ5-SCP Division US Embassy, Warsaw, Poland
MSG John O. Garrison 1987 Army Arizona State University Army ROTC  
 Major Larry V. Geddings, Jr. 1995 Active Duty Army 3-21 IN Ft. Wainwright
 COL John A. Giddens  1980  Army  44th MEDCOM  Ft. Bragg, NC
 Stephen F. Giella  1980  Army National Guard  214th Field Artillery  
 MM3 Scott P. Gold  1980  Navy M-DIV  USS Florida
 WO1 Kelsey G. Graves  2002 Army National Guard  Camp Atterbury Installation Support Unit  Edinburgh, Indiana
LTJG Ian C. Groom 2000 Coast Guard - Active   Air Station San Francisco
COL Roy A. Hall 1982 USAR-AGR USAWC Faculty Carlisle Barracks, PA
 LTC William B. Hare III  1989  Air Force  Headquarters, Air Force Space Command  Peterson AFB, CO
LTC Daniel Harmuth 1985 Army Reserve Det 45, 95th DIV Afghanistan
Captain Andrew J. Harris 2000 Army - Active Duty 2-87 IN, 3 BCT, 10th MTN DIV  
 LTC Charles P. Harris  1985  Army    Iraq
 LTC Robert J. Harris    AGR  Warrior Training Center  Ft. Benning, GA
LTC Brian D. Haugen 1984HS /1986JC Alabama Army National Guard 226 MEB  
 MAJ Blake Heidelberg 1998 AGR 83rd Troop Command Tallahassee, FL
 Richard W. Hennings III  2000  Army    
 COL David E. Hill, Jr.  1980    National Defense University  Ft. McNair
SGT Douglas W. Hill 1990 Veteran United Nations Command Honor Guard, 3/327th INF Scouts (101st)  
COL Terry J. Jamison 1985 Army 82nd CAB Ft. Bragg, NC
Capt. Louis C. Joens 2001 Air Force 55th Wing, Air Combat Command Offutt AFB, Nebraska
 LTC Bradley G. Joy   1986  Army Reserve  3747th MFTB  Europe
LTC Patrick N. Joyner   AGR Active Duty USACAPOC (A) Ft. Bragg, NC
PO2 Joe Kelly 1983 Navy Seabees NMCB-21  
 SSG Glen Krinsky  1992  Active Reserve  MNSTC-I  Baghdad, Iraq
 COL Robert J. Labutta  1978  Army    
 LTC Bryan Lee  1988  Army  Defense Threat Reduction Agency  Ft. Belvoir, VA
1LT Eric Lytle 2006 Army 1-124 IN Camp Buehring, Kuwait
 CPT Richard P. Mercer  1997  Active Duty, Army National Guard  National Guard Bureau, Officer Strength Maintenance Branch  Arlington, VA
MAJ A. Brian Miller 1995, 1998 AGR - Alabama Army National Guard 20th SFG (ABN) - SOCCE-HOA Djibouti, Africa
 LTC John M. Miller  1991  Army  PASBA  Ft. Sam Houston
 CPT Michael J. Mitchell  1999  Army  309th MI BN  Ft. Huachuca, AZ
Specialist Adam Nicholas 2007 Army National Guard 133rd Engineer Company Laramie, WY
MAJ Orlando Ortega 1994 Army U.S. Army Pacific Command  
 MAJ Zulema Ortega  1996  Reserve -AGR  324th ESB  Ft. Gordon, GA
1LT Pedro G. Pacheco 2006 Alabama National Guard 115th ITSB Florence, AL
LTC John Pannell 1986 Air Force 74 Air Refueling Sq Grissom AFB, IN
LTC Thomas A. Parker 1984 Active Duty, Army 3/407th AVN AFSBn Ft. Riley, KS
COL Bob Parsons 1980 Army U.S. Special Operations Command MacDill AFB, FL
 CAPT John R. Pendergrass 1999 Army National Guard   Iraq
 CPT James E. Perkins  2003 Army  Commander, A/2-28 IN  Paktika, Afghanistan
LTC Alan R. Preble 1987 Army 2 BSTB, 2 BCT, 101st AASLT Ft. Campbell, KY
 SSG Christopher B. Pugh  2003  AGR - ARNG 168th EN CO  FOB Shank, Afghanistan
CAPT Neil T. Rackley 2002 Army National Guard 71st TIOG  
 1LT Lamar L. Richardson  2003  Army National Guard attached to 3/265 ADA  Deployed in support of Operation Noble Eagle
 COL Angelo Riddick  1981  Army  National Defense University  Ft. McNair, Washington, D.C.
LTC Dale A. Riden 1986 Army USCENTCOM MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL
 COL Edward Riehle  1985  Army  I Corps  Ft. Lewis
 SSgt Marina J. Rivera  1997  Air National Guard  103rd Airlift Wing  Bradley ANGB
 1LT Rich A. Rogers, Sr. 1993 Alabama National Guard 1165th MP Company Fairhope, AL
 MAJ Jeremy C. Rose  1995  Army Reserve  412th CA BN (SO) (A)  Whitehall, OH
Sean W. Sawyer 1988 AGR 226th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade  
CPT Mike Seats, Jr. 2002 Army 3rd Brigade, 1st Cav Ft. Hood, TX
COL Terry L. Senger 1978 USMC Reserve MACG-48 Great Lakes, IL
1LT David M. Sexton 2007 Army National Guard   Huntsville, AL
 Ensign Adam M. Schuman  2004  Navy  DDG-67  USS Cole
Capt. Robert Schwaab 1996 USMC   Okinawa, Japan
 1LT Robert T. Schwarz  1989  Army National Guard  1st Army  OC/T Academy
MAJ Brian J. Scicluna 2000 Army HQDA G3/5/7
COL Anthony P. Scotto, Jr. 1982 USAR EPLO for ARNORTH to the State of Alabama  Maxwell AFB
CAPT Jeremy R.S. Smith 2003 Army   Ft. Carson
COL John T. Smith 1980 Army Army War College Carlisle, PA
LTC Timothy M. Snider 1985 Army 2nd BN, WTB Ft. Hood, TX
MAJ Blake Stone 1990 Army Reserve Military Assistant (DIMA) to the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs) Pentagon
 COL James Strife  1984 USAR HQ USJFCOM Norfolk, VA
SPC Adrian E. Swisher 2002 Army HHC, 3-1 Infantry
Brigade STB
Ft. Knox, KY
CPT Levi Thompson 2003 Army 1-71 CAV, 10th Mtn. Division Kandahar Province, Afghanistan
 SSG Roddie S. Thurman  1974  Army Reserve  4th Bde, 75th Div  Hoover, AL
Michelle G. Trejo 2009 Army  National Guard 72nd HHC STB (REAR) Huntsville, TX
MAJ Rodney A. Turner 1996 Army PEO-EIS Ft. Belvoir
 Mr. James Valentin  1987  Department of Defense  State Department  US Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq
MAJ Jose Vasquez  1999  Army   Ft. Benning
MAJ Andrew Vincent 1995 Active Army MCOE Ft. Benning
MAJ Brian P. Walsh 1995 Air Force   Columbus AFB
MAJ Roger A. Wang, Jr.   Army 82nd Airborne Ft. Bragg, N.C.
 LTC Robert K. Watwood  1986  Army  SOCOM JMISC  MacDill AFB
 LTC Michael E. Wawrzyniak 1989 Army Allied Command Operations (NATO) SHAPE, Belgium
 COL James J. Weaver  1983  Army Reserve  2400 MI Group  Ft. Sheridan, IL
1LT Jason A. West 2006 Army National Guard 111th Ordnance Group (EOD) Opelika, AL
COL Kenneth A. Wheeler 1980 Army Program Executive Office, Stimulation, Training and Instrumentation  
MAJ Ell White II 1997 Army 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team Ft. Benning, GA
 CAPT Nathaniel D. Wilds  1999      
 2LT Eldra D. Williams  2008  Army National Guard  31st Chemical Brigade  Northport, AL
MAJ David C. Woodruff, Jr. 1995 Army ILE  
2LT James "Beau" W. Woods III 2004 Marine Corps 1/6 Afghanistan
Shun Y. Yu 2000 Army IRR    
 CDR John J. Zuhowski  1988  Navy  USS Tortuga  Sasebo, Japan