Marion Military Institute


MMI awards a variety of scholarships to help make your college education more affordable. Review the detailed sections below for more information on our scholarship opportunities. To apply for Institutional or Foundation Scholarships, please follow the link below.

Please note: Army ROTC and Athletics scholarships are conducted through those respective departments. For questions regarding scholarships or the application process, please contact Haley Tolar, or 1-800-664-1842.


The Fall 2015 scholarship application deadline is Closed.

Spring 2016 and Fall 2016 applications will open at a later date (TBA).


Institutional Scholarships

MMI awards various scholarships which are based on a combination of the following factors: financial need, academic merit, skills/experience and also residence. The following are available for incoming cadets.

  • Presidential Scholarship

  • Academic Dean Scholarship

  • Military High School Scholarship

  • Black Belt Scholarship - limited to residents of select Alabama counties 

  • Leadership Scholarship

  • White Knights Scholarship

  • Band Scholarship


MMI Foundation Scholarships

The Marion Military Institute Foundation offers scholarships to qualified students attending or planning to attend Marion Military Institute. Each scholarship has its own eligibility requirements, but awards are usually based on academic qualifications, leadership potential, community service, and financial need. Note: Returning MMI sophomores are also welcome to apply for these Foundation Scholarships, awarded each summer and winter.

CLICK HERE to view all available MMI Foundation Scholarships.

ROTC Scholarships (ECP Program)

If you meet the qualification requirements for acceptance into the Early Commissioning Program and have a High School GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale), then you qualify to compete for an Army Two-Year Scholarship worth more than $20,000 per year in total benefits.

Substantial benefits paid by the Army can accrue to college-level ROTC cadets, benefits which can significantly reduce the cost of attending Marion Military Institute. The Army will pay Advanced ROTC (ECP) college cadets (those taking Military Science III or Military Science IV) a one-time uniform allowance of approximately $1,272.

In addition, advanced course cadets are paid a subsistence allowance of $450 per month for Military Science III cadets and $500 per month for Military Science IV cadets for nine months of each academic year. Uniform allowances are paid by the Army directly to individual cadets about midway through the first year and midway through the second year.

For further ROTC Scholarship information see our ROTC Scholarships page or email

Athletic Scholarships

Athletic Scholarships are awarded on the basis of athletic talent and performance in each NJCAA sanctioned sport:


Each scholarship award is up to full tuition and fees. The student will receive textbooks for classes on an athletic book loan. For more information, please contact the Athletic Department at 334-683-2359 or