Marion Military Institute

Residual ACT

 ACT Residual

  • Any student who is in the process of appying to Marion Military Institute (MMI) is eligible to take the ACT Residual.

  • Students may take the ACT Residual at MMI to meet admissions requirements.   

  • ACT Residual scores are equivalent to national ACT scores.

  • As stated by ACT, residual scores are not valid or transferable to other colleges or universities.

  • ACT Residual is offered by appointment

  • The ACT Residual may be taken a TOTAL of 2 times at Marion Military Institute.

  • Special accommodations are not available for MMI's ACT Residual Test.


ACT Residual Testing Requirements:

  • Valid picture ID required on date of test

  • $40 test fee, non-refundable, due prior to testing

  • Students must wait 60 days before retesting (ACT residual)


Students are encouraged to go to for the free testing strategies and practice questions.

For more information contact the MMI counseling office at (334) 683-2354 or (334) 683-2391.