Marion Military Institute

Packing List


Personal Articles and Clothing
Each cadet should have the following articles and clothing.  They can be brought from home or purchased in Marion.  Each article must be marked with the cadet’s name.  Each cadet will receive a permanent, water-proof laundry pen in their uniform issue from the Uniform Department upon arrival.  The school does not assume responsibility for personal property of cadets and is not liable for any lost or stolen personal property.  The barracks are Spartan by design, and space is limited.  Contact the Commandant’s Office at 334-683-2322 if you have questions about what to bring.
  Running Shoes (no neon, i.e. yellow, orange, red, blue, etc.) 2
  Backpack or Laptop bag (black only-preferred) 1
* Socks, Black (dress) 10-12 pair
* Socks, Athletic, White (crew-length w/ no visible stripes or logos) 10-12 pair
  Undergarments 10-12
* Undershirts, T-Shirts (white, crew neck) 10-12
  Sleepwear - optional (may wear issued PT shorts and T-shirt) 2
  Swimsuit (Female, one piece only) 1
* Swim Shorts (male) 1
  House Shoes (female only) 1
  Rubber Shower Shoes/ flip flops (All cadets must have) 1
  Desk Lamp, small - optional 1
  Iron (may be shared with roommate) 1
* Pillowcases (white) 4-6
* Pillow 1
* Bath Towels (solid white) 4-6
* Wash cloths (solid white) 4-6
** Toiletries (foot "itch" powder, shampoo, shaving kit, deodorant, toothbrush, etc)  
  Coat Hangers (wire or plastic)  15
** Alarm Clock 1
** Hanging Garmet Bag (approx 4 inches, to hang civilian clothing) 1
  Eye glasses (no dark lenses) and/or contacts, if worn 2
** School Supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks)  
** Backpack/Book Bag (black only) 1
** Wrist Watch 1
  Mouth Guard (optional- for sports or combative exercises) 1
** Sun Screen 2


* These items are available for purchase at the Uniform Department

** These items are available for purchase in the Tigers Den Bookstore

Permitted items: laptop or desktop computer, e-reader, small stereo, bicycle (please provide lock).

Prohibited items: electrical appliances (coffee pot, television, refrigerator, microwave and hot plate), candles and other items that require an open flame.

Civilian Clothing: Only the amount that can fit into one hanging bag approximately 4 inches wide.  Full length slacks, dress shirts with collars, sports shirts with collars (no t-shirts), shorts (no cut-offs), conventional type shoes, jackets, blazers, or sweater for cool mornings and evening wear.  The hemline for all shorts, skirts and dresses are: when the arm is extended down, the hemline will be no higher than the ends of the extended fingers.  Males are required to wear belts with civilian attire.  Open backed formal dresses (females) are to be no lower than the natural waist.