Marion Military Institute

Developmental Studies

Development Studies Courses

ENG 092 Basic English I
ENG 093 Basic English II
RDG 080 Developmental Reading
MTH 090 Basic Mathematics
MTH 098 Elementary Algebra

Developmental Studies courses at MMI provide an educational opportunity for students to strengthen their foundational skills in preparation for college-level academic courses. 

Developmental courses are designed to offer individualized and group instruction in the areas of reading, standard written English, and mathematics.

These hybrid courses, delivered in both traditional and laboratory settings, are required of students who do not achieve minimum scores on one or more sections of the COMPASS assessment test.  The results on the COMPASS test determine the developmental coursework appropriate for students.  Please refer to the Placement Testing section of this webpage for information about the COMPASS test.

NOTE:  The developmental courses do not confer credits toward graduation. Enrollment in these courses can require that students take summer school or online courses to attain the 64 credits necessary for an A.S. degree in four semesters or two years.

Course outcomes

Students enrolled in Developmental Studies courses at MMI will master the following program outcomes and competencies:

1.  Written Communication … demonstrate measurable success in appropriately leveled writing skills
2.  Oral Communication … demonstrate appropriately leveled oral communication skills
3.  Reading Skills … demonstrate appropriately leveled reading skills
4.  Quantitative reasoning … demonstrate measurable success in appropriately leveled math skills
5.  Study Skills … demonstrate an ability to apply basic study skills to successful academic performance
6.  Critical thinking … demonstrate an ability to use logic to analyze texts
7.  Use of Technology … demonstrate appropriately leveled skills in the use of technology in academic settings
8.  Academic Preparedness … demonstrate preparedness to succeed in college-level courses

Course Competencies

Written Communication:
Competency 1.1 Students will create coherent, grammatically correct written responses to  prompts and questions.

Oral Communication:
Competency 2.1.  Students will give meaningful responses to classroom prompts and in presentations.

Reading Skills
Competency 3.1.  Students will read and comprehend appropriately leveled texts.
Competency 3.2.  Students will demonstrate appropriately leveled ability to analyze written texts.

Quantitative Reasoning
Competency 4.1 Students will demonstrate an ability to produce solutions to a variety of mathematical problems, especially those in pre- and intermediate algebra.

Study Skills
Competency 5.1.  Students will demonstrate knowledge of successful study skills through regular attendance, completed assignments, active engagement in class, and utilization of campus academic support.

Critical Thinking
Competency 6.1.  Students will evaluate the logic of strengths and weaknesses of varying points of view.
Competency 6.2.  Students will demonstrate the ability to distinguish between pertinent and irrelevant information.

Use of Technology
Competency 7.1.  Students will gather and correctly process information through appropriate use of technological tools.
Competency 7.2.  Students will demonstrate the ability to use information technologies to communicate information to others.

Academic Preparedness
Competency 8.1 Students will demonstrate an ability to succeed in passing college-level coursework.