Marion Military Institute

Anderson Honor and Respect Program

Paul B. Anderson Honor and Respect Program

The mission of Marion Military Institute is to educate and train the Corps of Cadets in order that each graduate is prepared for study at four-year institutions with special emphasis on providing an intellectual, moral-ethical, physical-athletic, and leadership development experience in a military environment.  MMI's Honor and Respect Program is one avenue through which the moral-ethical development piece of the mission statement is implemented.  The program is designed with three components:  the Cadet Honor System, the Honor and Respect Discussion Groups, and the Distinguished Speaker Program.

The Cadet Honor System, established in 1958 for the purpose of strengthening the character of MMI cadets, is patterned after the honor codes at all of the U.S. service academies.  The Marion Military Institute Honor Code states that, "a cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal."  The Honor Code is enforced and administered through the Cadet Honor System.  The Honor System is explained in detail in the Cadet Manual and is presented to all cadets each year during cadet orientation. 

The Honor and Respect Discussion Groups are held throughout the academic year and focus on specific aspects of honor and respect.  The topics for the discussion groups are designed to encourage the cadets to explore, in-depth, the individual aspects of the Honor Code, along with gender relations and tolerance for diversity.  Cadets meet with faculty facilitators who present a moral dilemma and then encourage the group members to participate in a discussion on the topic.

A portion of the time set aside for the Honor and Respect Program is devoted to addresses to the Cadet Corps by distinguished speakers.  The presenters include U.S. Senators and Representatives, Ambassadors, senior military officers, presidents and chief executive officers of corporations, historians, and leaders in the profession of law, medicine, and education.   Many speakers are MMI alumni and provide valuable insight into the attributes of successful leaders.

In 2007, the program was officially named the Paul B. Anderson Honor and Respect Program after Mr. Paul Anderson, a 1937 alumnus of Marion Military Institute.  Mr. Anderson is a decorated veteran of WWII and the Korean War and is a lifelong civil servant.  He served as a member of the Marion City Council for 32 years, serving the last 8 years as Mayor.  Additionally, he served on MMI's Presidential Advisory Committee for 8 years.