Marion Military Institute

Service Academy Curriculum

Service Academy Program (SAP)

Each year, young men and women attend Marion Military Institute to prepare for admission to one of the nation's five Service Academies.  The General Bruce K. Holloway Service Academy Program offers a year of solid academic preparation, military training, leadership development, and physical training. 

All cadets enrolled in the Service Academy Program are assigned to regular academic classes including English composition, chemistry, and mathematics.   Additionally, those prepping for the United States Military Academy at West Point, the Naval Academy, and the Merchant Marine Academy enroll in U.S. history, while those prepping for the Air Force Academy enroll in political science.  Those who are planning to apply to the Coast Guard Academy are generally enrolled in physics, as well as chemistry.  During the fall semester, Service Academy Program (SAP) cadets are enrolled in math and English instruction that is designed to assist them in increasing their ACT/SAT scores. 

All SAP cadets participate in regularly-scheduled physical training activities.  Additionally, each cadet trains to pass the Candidate Fitness Assessment.  Military science courses are also a part of each cadet's schedule.   Those applying to the Air Force Academy will enroll in Air Force ROTC, taught by Air Force personnel from the University of Alabama.   Cadets applying to other military academies will enroll in MMI's military science program.

Each SAP cadet has an academic advisor who is familiar with the requirements of each specific academy.   Advisors for specific academies include the following.

United States Air Force Academy - Lt Col Timothy Ullmann, USAF (Ret), Chief Instructional Officer, 

United States Coast Guard Academy - LCDR Curtis Meisenheimer, USN (Ret), MMI Physics Instructor;

United States Merchant Marine Academy - Dr. Sam Stevenson, MMI Chemistry Instructor;

United States Military Academy at West Point - LTC David Bauer, USA (Ret), MMI History Instructor;

United States Naval Academy at Annapolis - Dr. Sam Stevenson, MMI Chemistry Instructor;