Marion Military Institute


MMI Campus Map

MMI's campus encompasses 126 acres including:  a lighted football field and track, baseball and softball fields, nine-hole golf course, soccer field, six tennis courts, and twenty-six air-conditioned buildings.  The campus (student) center contains a snack bar, wide-screen television room, pool tables, table tennis, video games, barber shop,  and mailroom for the convenience of our students.  A multipurpose athletic center houses a large stage for drama and other performances, a 25-meter indoor swimming pool, racquetball court, and weight room equipped with universal, nautilus and free weights, indoor rifle range, and a collegiate basketball court.

1-  Oak View, President’s Quarters

18- Calender-Davis Rappel Tower and Course

2-  Commandant’s Office, Guard House

19- Scott G. Davis Baseball Field
3-  MMI Administration and Admissions (list of offices below)

20- Soccer Field

4-  Biology 21- Soldier’s Field, Softball
5-  Trustees Hall 22- Alumni Gymnasium
6-  Wilkerson Hall

23- W.R. Ireland Athletic Center

7-  North and South Academic Wings (Academic Affairs housed in North Wing)

24- Natatorium

8-  Academic Dean's Office

25- Paul B. Robinson Excess House, Golf Course,  and Football Stadium
9-  MMI Chapel

26- Johnson Hall, Health Center

10- Public Relations 27- Lynn M. and Sherwood C. Middlebrooks Hall, Fine Arts

11- Computer Lab

28- Uniform Department

12- Murfee Hall, Q.M. and Barbershop

29- Lovelace Hall
13- The Campus Center, Bookstore

30- James W. Rane Hall

14- Athletic Annex

31- Dining Hall

15- Dr. John B. Monteabaro Hall, Chemistry 32- Paul B. Anderson Tennis Complex

16- Baer Memorial Library

33- Reviewing Stands
17- Alabama Military Hall of Honor

34- Walter C. Givhan Parade Field


 *  The MMI Administration Building contains the following offices:
  •  Admissions
  • Alumni Office
  • Board Room
  • Business Office
  • Development Office
  • Executive Vice-President
  • Financial Aid
  • Human Resources
  • Informational Technologies Offices
  • President's Office