Marion Military Institute

Campus Buildings & Facilities

Commandant's Office /
Guard House
Contains the administrative offices of the Dean of Students (Commandant) and the Cadet Guard Post.  (1,802 sq. ft.)
Administration Building  The U-shaped Administration Building houses the offices of the President, Executive Vice-President,  Director of the Service Academy Program, Admissions, Alumni Director, Financial Aid, Information Technology, Procurement & Property Management and the Chief Financial Officer (Business Office) along with their support staff.  (8, 892 sq. ft.)  3
MMI Chapel The MMI Chapel, a national landmark registered with the National Register of Historical Places, is a 550 seat, 10,904 sq. ft. facility utilized for large audience presentations.  It is flanked on either side by office spaces housing Public Relations (map key 10) and the Academic Dean (map key 8) as well as the North and South Academic Wings.  9  
North Academic Wing

Contains eight classrooms (11,832 sq. ft.) for academic instruction with classrooms on the main level facing the Quad as well as upper and lower levels facing the Baer Memorial Library on Polk Street.  The Academic Affairs Office (Registrar and Institutional Research) is also housed in the North Academic Wing).  It is located to the right of the main Chapel entrance.

Classrooms 203, 204 and the Academic Affairs Office face the Quad while upper level classrooms 200, 201 and 202 and lower level classrooms 100, 101 and Physics Lab face Polk Street and the Library

South Academic Wing

Contains nine classrooms (11,832 sq. ft.) for academic instruction with classrooms on the main level facing the Quad as well as upper and lower levels facing the Baer Memorial Library on Polk Street.  It is located to the left of the main Chapel entrance.

Classrooms 206, 207 and 208 face the Quad while upper level classrooms 209, 210 and 211 and lower level classrooms 102, 103 and 104 face Polk Street and the Library.


Baer Memorial Library The Baer Memorial Library is the Learning Resource Center for students, faculty, staff, and the community.  It is a media center furnishing bibliographies, books, journals, newspapers, and audiovisual materials.  This facility also contains two computer labs (Map Key 11) along with additional classrooms in the lower lever and houses the MMI Archives and a large meeting room in the upper level.  Total square footage is 25,428.  16
James W. Rane Hall 108 Bed Dormitory that incorporates the Student Dining Hall (map key 31) located in the lower level.  Rane Hall, the traditional barracks of Charlie Company, was originally known as South Barracks.  (29,376 sq. ft.)  30
Trustees Hall  
Trustees Hall is a 114 bed dormitory that has classroom facilities in the lower level for biology (map key 4) and ROTC instruction.  Alpha and Band Companies are traditionally housed in this barrack. (37,820 sq. ft.)
Wilkerson Hall Bravo Company is housed in Wilkerson Hall, a 100 bed dormitory that has administrative space in the lower level for the Army ROTC department. (20,160 sq. ft.)  6  
Lovelace Hall Lovelace Hall, a 96 bed dormitory is one of the oldest buildings on campus and served to house patients during the Civil War when the Breckenridge Hospital was established on MMI's campus. (16,160 sq. ft.)  29  
Johnson Hall The Cadet Health Center is housed in Johnson Hall which also incorporates a 43 bed dormitory.  (9,460 sq. ft.)  26  
Murfee Hall 98 bed dormitory that also houses the "QC" - student recreation and TV rooms, snack bar, mail room, and barbershop.  (19,728 sq. ft.)  12  
Lynn M. and Sherwood C. Middlebrooks, Jr. Hall Houses the Fine Arts Programs and a performance auditorium with seating for 250. (4,182 sq. ft.)  27  
The Campus Center - Book Store Contains Counseling Offices and testing facilities, gift shop and book store. (3,328 sq. ft.)  13  
John G. Monteabaro Hall The John G. Monteabaro Hall houses 7,980 sq. ft. of chemistry classrooms and labs.   15


Alumni Memorial Gymnasium The Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (14,680 sq. ft.) houses the wrestling arena, weight room, and athletic offices. Click here for:  weight room hours.  22
W.R. Ireland Athletic Center
The W.R. Ireland Athletic Center, a 45,000 sq. ft. multipurpose athletic center houses a large stage for drama and other performances, a 25-meter indoor swimming pool, racquetball court, and weight room equipped with universal, nautilus and free weights, and a collegiate basketball court. 


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